Introducing the Humanitarian NFT Collection from Peace Network

In an increasingly digital world, NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) have become an undeniable phenomenon, offering unique opportunities for investment and digital collection. Recognizing this tremendous potential, Peace Network is proud to introduce its Humanitarian NFT collection, a unique project aimed at creating positive change in the community through the blockchain platform.

Special Offers When Owning NFTs From Peace Network

When you choose to invest in NFTs from our Humanitarian collection, you are not only owning a unique digital artwork but also participating in a profitable and meaningful investment ecosystem. For each NFT you purchase, you will receive an opportunity to gradually recover your minting fee up to 124 USDT. This not only helps you increase the value of your digital assets but also contributes to community development and supports humanitarian activities.

Additionally, the referral program also offers special benefits: for every member you refer to join the peace network, you will receive a 5 USDT commission/NFT they purchase. The remaining amount will be distributed by the blockchain system to refund the minting fee for each successfully minted NFT, and a small portion will be used to maintain the network and NFT minting costs, ensuring the stability and growth of the system. Scarcity and Investment Opportunity

Each account can own a maximum of 50 NFTs, with a special automatic mechanism: when the profit from your NFT reaches 124 USDT, the system will automatically use the last 20 USDT to purchase a new NFT, continuing until you reach the maximum allowed quantity. This creates a smart investment loop, helping you optimize your profit efficiently.

Diversity Levels of NFTs

The Humanitarian NFT collection is classified into four different levels: N (70%), R (20%), SR (8%), and the highest level SSR with only a 2% ownership rate. This diversity not only enriches your collection but also opens up investment opportunities with various levels of rarity.

Free Trading and the Future of NFTs

Soon, these NFTs will be freely traded on NFT Marketplaces, opening new doors for investors and collectors. Owning NFTs, especially SSR-level NFTs, is not just a smart investment choice but also brings surprises and added value over time.

Peace Network invites you to join this journey, not only to enjoy the value of digital assets but also to contribute to creating positive change in the community. Join us in exploring and owning Humanitarian NFTs, opening unique and meaningful investment opportunities.

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