• Future-Oriented Trajectory

Phase 1, Q1 2023:
  • Free mining and distribution of 100 PC upon joining Peace Connect.
  • Building the user community and promoting the project to attract users.
Phase 2, Q3 2023:
  • Launching the PC mining application on mobile devices.
  • Developing features for the mining application, such as multi-coin mining and fair reward distribution.
Phase 3, Q1 2024:
  • Developing the protocol for Peace Coin in preparation for the testnet phase.
  • Integrating security features and further developing the protocol.
Phase 4, Q2 2024:
  • Launching the decentralized exchange PCDex and initiating non-fungible token (NFTs) Market Place.
  • Building features for PCDex and NFTs Market Place, such as fast, secure, and convenient trading.
Phase 5, Q3 2024:
  • Implementing KYC identity verification for the Peace Network and announcing the mainnet launch date.
Phase 6, Q4 2024:
  • Launching the mainnet of Peace Network.
  • Ensuring stability and security for the mainnet, and building necessary features for the network.
Phase 7:
  • Allowing PC trading on the decentralized exchange PCDEX and listing on other decentralized and centralized exchanges.