• The Mining Speed

Continuing from the previous segment, the third reward centers around Peace Coin mining:

As a valued member of Peace Network, you hold the exclusive right to mine Peace Coin on your mobile device completely free of charge. Once every 24 hours, you can engage in mining and receive 0.1 PC (Peace Coin) each time.

However, if you've also participated in the esteemed Peace Connect program, we are absolutely thrilled and deeply appreciate your invaluable contribution. In this remarkable scenario, you'll enjoy even greater benefits. Mining becomes available once every 12 hours, and with each session, you'll receive 0.1 PC (double the amount compared to new members).

It's essential to keep in mind that the quantity of coins mined over time will gradually decrease, ensuring scarcity within the market. As such, being an early adopter holds immense significance, allowing you to maximize your mining time. Just consider the history of previous blockchains, and you'll realize the pivotal importance of seizing this opportunity now. Don't let this moment pass you by; commence mining right away and join us in shaping the future of Peace Coin.

In this transformative journey, together, we'll create a thriving ecosystem that values each member's contribution and fosters a world of shared prosperity and peace. Let's make history and embrace the limitless potential that Peace Coin holds. Your participation, dedication, and early involvement are the keys to unlocking the full benefits of this extraordinary endeavor.

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