• What is Peace Connect?

Peace Connect stands as an iconic project within the esteemed Peace Network, wholly dedicated to its cherished members. In a unique approach, akin to other community organizations, Peace Connect requests a modest community activity fee of $100 from its members, all while fostering support for those in need.

In essence, we eschew the limitations that individual charitable activities might face in terms of funds and access, choosing instead to prioritize the spirit of participation within the Peace Connect community. As an emblem of solidarity, Peace Connect generously shares a portion of the contribution amount with its dedicated members.

Through this noble endeavor, we aim to reward actively contributing members for their efforts in aiding others, thereby nurturing a deeper focus on humanitarian work and global peace-building. By making an official $100 donation to Peace Connect, you instantly become an integral part of a global community, uniting people through the power of peace and the profound message it carries.

When any member generously donates $100, Peace Connect thoughtfully allocates $50 as a reward for the referrer, recognizing their significant role in promoting this exceptional mission and project. An additional $7.5 is compassionately directed towards supporting victims, while $2.5 is wisely invested in furthering project technological development. Ultimately, $40 is lovingly returned to the community as passive income for those members who have wholeheartedly contributed to the project in the past. This extraordinary approach ensures that nearly the entire contribution amount becomes an enduring asset for our cherished community, solidifying the bond that unites us all.

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